Журнал Российского общества по неразрушающему контролю и технической диагностике
The journal of the Russian society for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostic
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17 | 06 | 2024
Welcome. Website of the journal Kontrol'. Diagnostika

Presenting our monthly scientific and technical journal Kontrol’. Diagnostika (“Testing. Diagnostics”).

ISSN PRINT 0201-7032. The journal was launched in 1998. Volume is 72-88 pages.

Journal of Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics.

The journal is distributed by subscription.

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Our journal includes scientific and methodical publications by leading Russian, CIS, and foreign scientists, industrial specialists about methods, devices and technology in non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics, its implementation, development and practical use.

The journal is included in the list of periodical science and technical publication in Russia recommended by High Attestation Commission for publishing in order to attain Candidate of Science or Doctor of Science degree. The journal is abstracted and indexed in “Russian Science Citation Index” national information and analytical system. 

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  • Modern diagnostic technology, devices and methods of measurement
  • Devices and control methods of an environment, substances, materials and products; devices, systems, and medical devices
  • Quality monitoring and diagnostics in mechanical engineering
  • Diagnostic materials, defectoscopy
  • Testing and diagnostics arrangement
  • Comprehensive diagnostics means
  • Information-measuring and operating systems
  • Reliability and certification of testing means and methods
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Metrology and metrological support
  • Intellectualization of testing methods and means
  • Industrial facility and complex industrial systems safety management
  • Quality of industrial products
  • Residual resource assessment methods for industrial objects by condition
  • Industrial facilities technical testing systems
  • Foreign scientific journals overview
  • Exhibitions, conferences, seminars reviews


Journal co-founder: Publishing house “Spektr”, The Russian Society for Non-Destructive and Technical Diagnostics (RSNTTD)

Publisher: Publishing house “Spektr”

Editorial board address: 119048, Moscow, ulitsa Usacheva, dom 35, str.1
Phone: (495) 514 76 50; 8 (916) 676 12 38
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